Cryptocurrency Signal Bot

We send signals - you earn!

Precise trading signals for purchasing or selling encrypted currencies in Gem4me and Telegram with profits of up to 20% per day or more! *

Recommendations from a team of successful analytics and traders

What is cryptocurrency signal Richland bot?

RichLand Bot - a fully automated system of copying trade signals to an account on a crypto exchange platform (AI bot).

This is your irreplaceable assistant for trading on the market of encrypted currencies and increasing your capital, even if you have no experience in the field. By setting up the bot once, you will simply be watching how new trade signals come in to purchase/sell, as well as, how they are instantly carried over to your exchange platform account! It is as easy as counting one, two, three!

When to buy?
When is it best to close a deal?
When to sell?
Other signals
Why will Richland bot allow you to generate profits of up to 20% per day or more?*
Constant monitoring of the market of encrypted currencies by our analysts and the bot. Choice of the best crypto assets available.
Earned performance statistics of our signals (up to 93%).
Strategy of medium-term investment with maturity deadline of signals ranging from several hours to 30 days.
Each transaction receives 10% of available capital on one's exchange platform account automatically.
What is the value of Richland?
Receiving stable financial profits on the market of encrypted currencies, regardless of the amount of experience
Complete automation. Purchasing and selling crypto assets on an exchange platform based on signals with direct involvement of a user.
Connecting the bot to account of users on the largest crypto exchange platforms through API.
Cross-Platform bot: Gem4me & Telegram. 7 languages, English, Chinese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Japanese.
A powerful combination: a team with more Thant 20 years of experience of working on financial markets + AI-bot.
The bot operates 24/7/365 with no weekends.
How to work with Richland bot?
Simple registration process, which doesn’t require entering any personal information, sharing geolocation and so on
Configuring integration with exchange platforms by entering access keys into the bot.
Receiving signals
Precise signals for entering and exiting the market (purchase/sell a particular coin in relation to Bitcoin).
Automatization of all actions
Carrying out operations on an exchange platform (putting orders to purchase and sell) in autonomous mode without direct involvement of a user.
  1. Have no desire to monitor our signals and sleep with a smartphone under your pillow?
  2. Don't wish to spend time on putting orders on an exchange platform?
  3. Tired of calculating a deposit needed for one signal?
  4. Aggravated from constantly "bouncing" between the crypto market and RichLand bot?
Get rid of the headache and automize the whole process of increasing your capital! The system of automated trading on the Binance exchange platform is available for all subscribers of the RichLand service. Receiving signals and completing transactions on the exchange platform (putting up orders for a purchase or a sale) is done automatically without direct participation of a user. Attaching one's Binance exchange account is done through an API key. Our specialists developed CopyTrade, a convenient and functional automated system due to which anyone can earn on the market of encrypted currencies. There is no need to have professional knowledge in order to become a participant of the crypto market! All operations are processed automatically (from purchasing to selling an asset), while you don't spend your valuable time on learning the complicated nuances of trading encrypted currencies - the system does it for you! Crypto exchange platforms operate 24 hours a day and the system will continuously monitor the situation and will generate profits for you! Use CopyTrade, save your time and receive high profits!
Deposit/withdrawal of funds
Instant withdrawals and deposits of funds from your RichLand's balance to your crypto wallets, from where you are able to transfer the funds to any payment systems through various online exchange platforms/P2P exchanges with ease.
Team of professionals
Under the guidance of professionals

The bot's team of founders - professional entrepreneurs, traders and technical specialists with extensive knowledge and practical experience.

That is exactly why we were able to create a convenient and functional service with the help of which one is able to establish an effective capital increase.

Working on the market of encrypted currencies is profitable; moreover, we are offering the advantages of attractive plans.

Receiving signals and completing operations on exchange platforms automatically.
Cost of CopyTrade subscription (a certain percentage from the balance on an exchange platform is charged):*
MIN depositMAX depositMonthly rate
Additional earnings
Partner's program

We developed a system of rewards for recommendations (partner's program) for active users. The system is multi-staged, which makes it transparent and simple. Deductions are made online without delays!

A referral link can be obtained in personal account

Anonymity of all operations

One of the core advantages of investing in encrypted currencies is the anonymity of all actions.

We are not interested in names, passports or contact information. We are not willing to know where your funds came from and where they will be going. You choose when to make a transfer yourself.

You have the ability to use popular mixing services, which provide thorough mixing of Bitcoins.

We are simply providing you with an instrument for increasing your capital.

Questions and answers

The signals will help to invest your funds more effectively, as various cryptocurrencies yield different profitability rates. We select instruments for investments with maximum profitability.

The CopyTrade system will allow you to automate the process of monitoring signals. Everything will be done for you by our bot!

Even if you are a professional, it is very hard to monitor 100 crypto currencies at once and you might miss an interesting option. We monitor more than 100 positions and choose the most profitable.

Moreover, we offer to use our instrument as an additional indicator for oneself.

Our analysts have been working on financial markets since 2001, graduated from the “High School of Economics” (Saint Petersburg). We have been trading on the Moscow Stock Exchange, NYSE, and FOREX since 2002. Moreover, we’ve been working with encrypted currencies since 2015 on Bitfinex and Binance exchanges.

We monitor the markets every day, including Saturdays and Sundays. We evaluate market situation three times a day: at 6.00 (UTC+3:00), at 12.00 (UTC+3:00) and at 16.00 (UTC+3:00). The decision to issue a signal is made based on the market evaluation.

1-2 signals a day depending on the situation on the market. Up to 3-4 times a day in ideal cases.

We don’t use stop-orders yet, as we trade without leverage. We use a system of partial position opening and closing. In cases when we see a chance of a major loss we close a position.

One can start working with any deposit amount; however, in order to use your funds most effectively, i.e. invest your funds in different encrypted currencies, we recommend to maintain at least $1000-$2500 in an account.

Please note! The higher your deposit is on Binance, the less you pay for CopyTrade service in percentage.

Pumping, or artificial price inflation is a risky way to earn, as if other participants of the market don’t pick it up, you are risking to stay with an investment into an unpopular currency which won't sell. Therefore, we do not engage in pumping, as we see it as deception of other participants.

Most of the time, free signals are issued for attracting new participants, while truly profitable signals are expensive, as they require serious work by the best specialists.

We don't sell information as signals. We provide you with an automated system of copying our signals to your account on a crypto exchange platform!

We conduct transactions from opening to closing without your participation. You simply watch it all happen. You want to earn, don’t you?

Yes! We have a 10 stage partner’s program which allows you to earn with us! We give you 55% of our profits! By inviting your friends to our bot, you will receive rewards for the work of your partners in CopyTrade system on a continuous basis, as long as you have an existing franchise yourself.

The signals are offered for Gem4me messenger (richlandbot) and Telegram (@richlandbot) platforms.

RichLand allows you to not only increase your capital, but also earn on the partner’s program. We are happy to share our earnings and value the work of our partners. You may contact one of them to receive a referral code. You may see it as an exclusive club!

Go to website and press the receive access button in case you don't know the referral code of the user who invited you. You will see your referral code.

1. Launch Richland Bot. Access the menu and press the "Balance" button.

2. The “Add funds” button will be depicted. Press it.

3. You will be offered a list of crypto currencies, out of which you need to choose a crypto currency to add funds and press the appropriate button. For instance, choose BTC.

4. Please note, any deposit will be converted to BTC.

5. You will receive a message with an address that you can use to deposit funds to your balance from your crypto wallet, for example

Don’t be alarmed. Our analysts are constantly monitoring price fluctuations, and even recommendations to purchase the same currency might be issued at a certain time. Moreover, it might be a minor decrease in a currency’s price and it’s value will rise in the future. It is best to not make rash decisions as RichLand Bot is an investment instrument, not a mean of aggressive trading. It is best to not expect profits by minute. All recommendations are issued with consideration that a signal might work at any point over the course of 2 up to 30 days, sometimes even longer.

All actions within CopyTrade are automated, you don't need to worry about when to make a purchase and when to sell.

The stated profits are potential. Profits can be more and less than the depicted amount.

Moreover, each new signal for a purchase - is a purchase of crypto currency for 10% from the current available capital (in BTC) on your exchange platform account.

This is a system of automated working on exchange platforms (Binance).

Receiving signals and completing operations on exchange platforms (putting orders for purchasing and selling) is done automatically without a user's direct participation.

Connecting one's Binance account is done through an API key.

Commission (price of subscription) depends on the deposit amount to an exchange platform account that is connected to CopyTrade system. The rates can be viewed HERE.

Please note, the rate is depicted per MONTH, while a charge will be made at the formula of rate/30 days.

The CopyTrade system saves your time, nerves and makes the process of increasing one's capital truly effective.

There is no need to spend time on putting orders on an exchange platform, calculating a deposit necessary for one signal, as well as, it is not necessary to constantly login to an exchange platform.

All processes are automated. You simply connect your bot to your account on an exchange platform and watch the signals be copied to it!

When using this system, the rewards are issued as part of the referral program in accordance to its standard conditions (up to 55%). Therefore, the whole 10 levels of an uplink receive rewards from each of a user's daily transaction, provided that you paid for the franchise.

It is necessary to have a paid franchise in order to receive the partner’s reward through the referral program (franchise paid for once a month or once a year).

Proceed to the bot’s menu and choose “Franchise” in order to pay for it.

The franchise does not participate in issuing rewards for the upline.

A subscriber receives a signal to purchase an encrypted currency. As soon s the price reaches Portfolio zone, the system will put up an order for a crypto pair in accordance to the received signal for an amount that is approximately 10% of your deposit amount that is set for automated trading.

For instance, in case you deposit is $10 000 and signal is received then $1000 will be used to purchase an asset. Let's assume that you earned 20% on that particular signal. Therefore your balance will total: $9000 + $1200 = $10 200. Consequently, the next signal will also use 10% of the available capital, i.e. $1020. This allows for a user to always have available funds to purchase the next asset and diversify one's balance regardless of the size of the capital.

Once the order is completed, another order will be submitted to sell the particular crypto pair on either a TP1, TP2, TP3 level in the recommended ratio of 60% /20% /20%**. As soon as the price reaches TP1, the pending order will be processed automatically and 60% of the encrypted currency will be sold. Furthermore, 20% of the encrypted currency will be sold at TP2 and the remaining 20% will be sold on ТР3*** .

A user will receive a notification containing detailed recommendations on how to close an order either manually or automatically in case some unforeseen circumstances preventing an order from working occur during the process. .

Please note:

*- The calculation depicted is approximate. The amount will not be exactly 10%, as a set of conditions/limitations will be applied on an exchange platform. Each crypto pair has a set of trades, a minimum amount required for a transaction. Consequently, in case 10% from a deposit is not aliquot to a set of trades, then the bot will make a transaction aliquot. Moreover, in case 10% of a deposit is less than the minimum required transaction amount, then the bot will increase the amount to the required number. The same process occurs with sale orders.

**- In some cases, less amounts of orders may be set for sale in proportions of 60%/40%/0% or 100%/0%/0%.

***- In case TP3 is absent, the proportion will be 60% /40% /0%, in case TP2 is absent - 100%/0%/0%.

In order to use the CopyTrade system it is necessary to: have an account on an exchange platform Binance, have available funds in it, attach one's account Binance to Richland Bot.

Next, it is necessary to deposit funds to the Richland account in order for CopyTrade system to charge commission.

All DETAILED INSTRUCTIONS are available in the bot, in the "Instructions" section.